Teya's 50th

  Cleveland, OH


Do you know Teya?


Have you met the unofficial mayor of Cleveland Heights? If you spend any time in Cleveland, you probably have run into Teya.

Maybe she served you a cup of coffee (decaf if you were an asshole, or if you were extra and ordered a Unicorn Frappuccino) during her 9 years at Starbucks. Maybe she gave you a present for no reason when she barely knew you. Or she helped you when you needed a hand. Or maybe it was simply her smile and genuine acknowledgment of you as a human that has brightened up many-a-day. 

I have known Teya my whole life. If you've heard her refer to her "babies," I'm one of them. She helped raise me from the time I was born - teaching me, among many things, to always tip well and to be nice to my mom. Teya is the most kind and generous person I have ever met. She will literally give you the shirt off her back.

Now, let's give back to Teya!

Teya's 50th birthday is around the corner! She wants nothing more than to travel to/around Europe, or wherever else her heart desires and deserves. If you are able to donate to her travel funds, it would be greatly appreciated. No contribution is too small! 


Let's show Teya how much she means to us so she can see the world!


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Caitlin van Haaren
@ Caitlin van Haaren

Let's show Teya how much she means to us so she can see the world!