Starting Our Next Chapter

  Galveston, TX, United States

How We Met


Sam and Greggo were living on Galveston Island, and both had set up dating accounts on OkCupid. Sam checked the site all the time. Every day that he logged in and took quizzes, a little profile picture would move up a few percentage points. He didn't pay too much attention to it. After a few weeks of quizzes and likes and dislikes and profile tweaking, he noticed that the same profile picture had moved up to a 100% match. Naturally, Sam took that as a terrifying sign to never talk to that person EVER, and so he only clicked and read that profile and wondered what could be, maybe, if he just could get it together enough.  Meanwhile, Greggo was getting emails from OkCupid suggesting that he should probably talk to this alleged 100% match, and noticed that a handsome ginger avatar had been scoping out his profile.  Greggo messaged Sam, swapped a few messages about beards, glitter, science, and tattoos - and then Sam gave him his phone number.  They texted back and forth for a week until they were relatively certain that the other wasn't a serial killer or a robot, and finally decided to meet up at Brews Brothers for dinner and a beer.  Sam was so nervous in the Texas heat that his glasses fogged up, something that still happens when he gets anxious, and Greggo thought it was adorable.  They had a fun evening together of craft beer and pub food, then said their goodbyes and vowed to do it again sometime soon.  They've been a disgustingly adorable couple ever since.

Getting Engaged

Sam had been planning to ask Greggo to marry him for a long time. Greggo had planned the same thing. Unbeknownst to each other, they had both designed incredibly similar rings for each other from the same jewelry website. Greggo had planned an exquisite dinner in Chicago at Geja's Cafe, a fondue and wine restaurant famous for proposals, during a weekend trip to Chicago. Off they went to Chicago on the weekend of July 23rd. Sam planned to propose during this trip, not knowing that Greggo was going to do the SAME THING. Sam and Greggo went sightseeing during one of the hottest days of the summer in Chicago. Sam wanted to propose to Greggo in the gardens of Millennium Park but kept getting nervous (and also got heatstroke). So, Sam mustered up the courage after they ran back to the hotel to escape the heat. This proposal, while not ideal, did summarize Sam's unique ability to wreck Greggo's carefully laid plans (one of Sam's superpowers). Greggo said "Yes!" but also acted really weird and didn't make any announcements to anyone about the propsal. This confused Sam. Then they went to a rooftop bar for pre-dinner drinks and watched Chicago as the storms of the day rolled through. After the rooftop bar, Greggo and Sam went to Geja's Cafe, where the manager of the cafe was very interested in asking how Greggo was doing and if he needed anything. Sam thought, "Wow! What great and personalized service here!" After one of the best dinners of all time, Greggo got on one knee, opened a PokeBall, and asked Sam to marry him. After much crying and laughing, the double secret engagement was complete!!!



Our Next Adventure

We will be moving to Europe at the start of Fall 2017. We will be starting a new chapter of our lives together in a very exciting way. Sam will be starting a research position in Germany and Greggo is planning to continue his work in bioacoustics offshore. We have decided to do a monetary wedding registry because we can only bring so many items with us during our move.  With your support we hope to take a European honeymoon in the fall of 2017 once we've settled down in Germany. We thank you for understanding these special arrangements and are so excited to share our wedding and lives with you all.  


Much love,

Sam and Greggo


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Samand Greggo
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Greggo and Sam have decided to tie the knot. They are excited to share this event with friends and family and celebrate together.