Sleep and fitness to work


What Happened?

I'm currently a freelance teacher but I have an interest to continue my thesis research about the link of sleep quality to fitness to work for the night shift worker.


I have a challenge as worker who hasn't affiliation, the challenge is the funding of the research it self. Since I need to do the experiment that costs a lot of money to buy the measurement tools also to pay the participant 

Next Steps

If you interested in my research or this idea I want to make a web comic about this and turn the results not only for scientific paper 

Please Help

I don't know if this category campaign match with my project.  

 But I do believe that maybe someone would consider to support me. If you want to support me I can only offer you a digital postcard as a reward. So I'm waiting the response from this platform 


May the force be with us


Many thanks



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Rizqi Permana
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I'm an independent human factors researcher