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  Kota New York, New York, Amerika Serikat

 My name is Ari Purnama Aji, song in vidio is dhyo haw song that I cover, dhyo haw is a regge musician which is quite famous in indonesia. I really like that song, the title "there I am here"

This song tells me that if I have a problem or grieve there are those who care about me, both them and you, there I am here. 




When I was a kid, maybe 7 years old, I started singing, my family said that my voice was good, unique he said. That's where I started to like music. When I was 16 years old I started getting into the music organization at my school, even though I was just a singer there, my school had a very complete studio, my voice sounded wonderful there, that's when I started wishing to have my own recording studio at home. I want to be serious in the music field I want to be famous and make my parents proud, I start collecting the money that I have little by little but it seems very difficult because the equipment is very expensive. see my friends, easily get what they want just by asking their parents. but not with me, I really understand the situation of my parents, I think it is impossible for me to complete the equipment. Therefore I really want your help. I am very grateful if you helped me realize my little dream.

Anything you donate will be a fun story for me.




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Ari Aji
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My name is Ari Purnama aji, Purnama is the name of indonesia which means full moon, beautiful right ? I really like to sing, I hope you too. hopefully the dream that I want can be realized.