Mr. & Mrs. Madrigal's Story

  Dallas, TX, United States

How We Met


About 3 years ago, we both attended the same medical college in Dallas, Tx. (Specifically at Lat. 32.8372641, Long-96.77956999999998 lol) The very first time we met was in one of our "Lab Classes". The assignment was to find a partner and practice injecting syringes on each other. Well, Michaela is a shy bird so when it came time to seek out a partner, she nervously stood still and awkwardly glanced around for a little bit. For me, I'm a social extrovert so I approached her with a smile and said "Hey! Wanna be my partner?!" She replied with a blush and a yes. So, I stabbed her with syringe full of saline and at that moment sparks flew. I then said right afterwards, "You smell good.", and we've been inseparable since then.





Our Ask

You all know how much we love traveling. So for our honeymoon we've decided to go to Greece!

All we ask is that you give what you feel comfortable with. :) The money you support us with will go to the wedding ceremony, reception, and honeymoon altogether.

Thank you!





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jory madrigal
@ Jory and Michaela

Hey guys! I'm the groom. Mkayla & I created this campaign because we didn't want traditional wedding gifts. We wanted our family & friends to support us differently by funding our travels instead. :)