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On February 18, 2017,  a young woman from Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care went into the rural county kill shelter in Georgia to rescue a pregnant dog when she saw Lucy and her puppies laying on the floor.  She knew she couldn't leave them behind to be euthanized.  Apparently, Lucy's owner had brought her there because he did not want her simply because she had puppies.  She was taken from the shelter and sent north to New Jersey where she arrived at P&T's Puppy Love Adoption Center in Cherry Hill.  It was confirmed that the puppies were fine, but Lucy was not in great shape and giving her fluids did not help.  She was taken to the vet where blood tests were done and more fluids were given, and the tests were negative for everything except heartworm.  The vet confirmed that heartworm was not the reason she was feeling so lethargic and not eating, so she was given more fluids and put on an urgent care diet.  She slowly began to get better and started eating again, so it was attributed to stress from all that she had been through and being separated from her puppies who were all adopted by other families.





On March 10, 2017, my fiancé and I adopted Lucy, knowing that even though there would be no adoption fee, we knew we would be spending at least $600 to get her re-wormed and treated for heartworm.  We took Lucy home and she started to seem in better spirits and was eating chicken and rice that we were making for her.  On March 17, 2017 we took Lucy to see Dr. Lisa Aumiller at House Paws Mobile Vet to get her started with her heartworm treatment.  Dr. Lisa examined Lucy and suggested we do another fecal test since her gums were looking a little pale and she was having diarrhea.  The lab results came back as her having whipworm and treatment started.  Lucy seemed to be happier and felt better except she would not eat.  After two days of not eating, she began eating again, but we began to grow worried because she was not defecating.  She had one incidence of dead worms coming out, and Dr. Lisa confirmed by the photo that they were roundworms (so much for thinking lab tests are 100% accurate!)  and asked us to bring her in to be seen.  We had thought she was just constipated, but an X-ray found that she was having an intussusception, which for those of you not familiar is when the small intestine telescopes into itself.  This rare condition, if not treated, could be fatal.  The surgeon confirmed that it was most likely from the large roundworm burden that irritated and inflamed her intestines. This required emergency surgery, where Lucy had to have about 15 inches of her small intestine removed, and a night of post-op recovery at NorthStar Emergency Vets.  At this point, her medical bills have reached $4,000.






If you can help us with these bills it would truly be appreciated.  All of us are emotionally and financially invested in Lucy's well-being, but we never expected the expense of this emergency surgery.  Your help will truly be appreciated.  Anything donated beyond what is needed to cover Lucy's treatments will be split between Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care with the stipulation that those donations must be used for parasite testing and treatment, and at P&T’s Puppy Love Adoption Center for the heartworm treatment fund that has already been started.  Our hopes are that this never has to happen to another rescue dog.  






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Jenna Feldschneider
@ Jenna Feldschneider

My name is Jenna and we were hit with an unexpected emergency surgery bill for our recently rescued dog. We need your help!