Kickstarting my science career

  Parakou, Benin

Since I was child I always dreamt of being a scientist. I dream of learning more about the nature around me, understanding something that noone else had understood before, making a positive change in the world and helping my family, my community and my country. During my late school years and my studies in Economics and Sociology applied to Rural Areas. I came to realize that today learning computer science and connecting this knowledge with another science gives me a powerful tool. I have set out to master this tool!
To achieve my goal I have started to study hard, taking online courses in AI, Psychology, Machine Learning and programming and joining the local Google Developers Group in Parakou, Benin. But to learn even more about interdisciplinary science, programming, electronics, biology and how to share my knowledge I have applied to the Rhizome Foundations   course, which is taking place this summer from July 15 until July 28.

Please help me achieve my goal

I have received from the Rhizome Association a scholarship that covers the participation fee and accommodation and I will  be paying 200EUR for food from my own savings. But what is missing, is the travel, which is unfortunately very costly from Benin to Croatia. The airplane and bus tickets and the visa will cost 1500EUR, for which I am asking for your kind support.

By contributing to my campaign you will not only support me in paying for the trip but also help me take a giant leap for career, open new doors and walk through them and give me the chance to bring back skills and knowledge to my community.

For my supporters, I will be sharing updates on my progress during the course via Twitter and a final report about what i have learned.
Thank you so much!                     


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Ernest Bio Bogore
@ Ernest Bio Bogore

My name is Ernest, I am a student in Rural Sociology in the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Parakou. I am fond of technology and I believe I can impact my community using it.