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  Cleveland, OH

How We Met

About 5 years ago, Dillon and I met at one of our parties!  We ended up dancing the night away and enjoyed good company with friends!  We had an amazing year getting to know each other and planning for our future careers.  This took me to Milwaukee, Denver, and eventually Cleveland where we would drive to see one another from Columbus to Cleveland and viceversa.  The rest is history with many fun travel memories, both working hard with a new careers, exploring our hobbies like trail running, getting our dog Thor and much more!  (Don't make fun of this picture!)


Getting Engaged

On June 19th, 3 days into our trip to Iceland with 6 of our friends, Dillon got down on one knee (surprising everyone - he didn't want anyone to spill the beans!).  This was a complete surprise, because we talked about ring shopping prior to the trip, and he suggested we wait until after Iceland since it would be an expensive trip.  Afterwards, we all celebrated and had a wild ride to get to the island we ended up staying the night ... we thought we were going to Vik and ended up on Westman Islands, one of the collest places we've EVER been!




Our Ask

Help to uncover the collage above! 

You all know how much we love traveling. So for our honeymoon we're deciding where to go between a few places... The French Polynesia or to Europe - Italy, Greece, Spain.  We're open to your amazing travel stories!  We hope you can help us get to have the experience of our lifetime with a combination of relaxation, hiking, and excursions.

Your contributions will help to uncover a fun picture collage!




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Robyn Verhoff
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We met at a house party about 5 years ago, had many adventures to strengthen our love, and now we're on to our greatest adventure yet... marriage!