Help me travel the world


Why do I want to go on a worldtrip?

For the longest time now I've thought about travelling to different places and meeting all sorts of people. I know I'm quite young but I already sorted out all kinds of stuff so I can make this happen regardless of my age.

The actual reason I want to do this is because of a couple of things; first of all I've been trough some stuff thelast few years as some of you might know, and I thought this is a good way to just put that aside for while Secondly, I want to feel free and independent to boost esteem and have a good start before I start living on my own. And last, I think this journey will show me who I really am and help me find myself.


 What will I be doing?


During my trip I will visit all kinds of places and every week I will post a video of the things I've done that week. I will also start a blog and write down my  adventures. I will try new foods, see new cultures, meet locals and make friends along the way. There will be harsh times I know that but when I think  of all the good things that will happen and all the things I will learn from this  the more I want to go. because it will give me the possibility to feel free.

Where will I be going?

I've decided that I will reveal a country every month to keep you updated. I will start a blog approximately 3 months before I leave and my vlogs 2 to 1 month before.

I need your support!

Since I'll be gone for about 6 to 8 months I will need all the help I can get. I work very hard myself to get a good start but I still need a lot more. So I hereby ask all of you for help, every little bit will help. If you want to know more about this project, give tips or anything else feel free to contact me on this email:


Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a nice day!




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Lonneke Van Zomeren
@ Lonneke Van Zomeren

Hi, I'm 16 and will be 17 when I leave for my trip. After I graduate I want to take a gap-year where I'll be; working, studying for college but mostly travelling. I've always loved the idea of travelling and I thought now is the time!