Help me move into an apartment!

  Springfield, OR, United States

Hello, hello! I'm Justin, though some of you may know me as Xial online. I moved out west in 2015 with my flatmate from Florida to the state of Oregon. We moved to a decently sized city, where I planned to work for a couple of years while living with him and his significant other, so I could save up and pick up a place of my own, and pay them back for a loan they provided.

However, 2016 decided to cast its bones of failure everywhere and is trying to bury me in a lack of success. The contact center I worked for laid everyone off in May after notifying us in March. In May, he notified me that he would like to move again, but this time, it's to a very tiny township that would slaughter my chances at getting work to support myself. The layoff in May also bit into my savings, removing what I had managed to set aside, and the part time job I currently work is not giving me enough to manage both the deposit and my current share of the bills where I live.

My goal with this is to get enough to pay for a deposit on an apartment (current average deposit is about $600, based on the apartments I've looked into already), affording a moving van and supplies (boxes, tape) for three days (currently $20/day plus refueling and about $40 for boxes/tape), and get utilities turned on with a deposit (estimating about $150, based on the deposit for where I live now).

I've been homeless once before, and I really would love to avoid that happening a second time. It's rough, and as a male without children or a substance abuse problem, there's a lack of programs that will assist in this situation, and it isn't for a lack of searching. So I'm making my own program.

Thanks for reading along, and thanks very much if you donate. :)


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Justin Hobley
@ Justin (Xial)

Hey, I'm Justin. I have re-found my love for cycling, gave up my car, and moved across country to experience something new. I've hit a rough spot, and could use a little love.