Help Me for Social Funds


What Happened?

Since the begining of 2017 the company where I worked has gone bankrupt, resulting in reduction in employees, as well as reduction in branch offices, due to the most severe claims payments to customers has accumulated a lot and there is no solution to this, with the incident I was very confused because of money I am no longer able to pay my debt, on the other hand I have a family dependency considering that I can no longer get a new job at another company, I decided to open a cake and bakery business with cafè concept so that I need a lot of money. For the reason I hope I get a donation to pay off my debt and open a business that I will manage. In addition, donations collected will be set aside for:

  1. An orphan who needs educations fees,
  2. Patients with celebral palsy who can not be independent where they need help with health and food cost,
  3. Poor and neglected children,
  4. Stroke sufferers need health and food costs where the family has limited costs, and
  5. The mosque is under contruction.


The Damage

We're happy that the entire family is safe - they were at work and school when this happened. However, they suffered a major financial setback. We're good friends and we know they would feel uncomfortable to ask others for financial support, so we wanted to do it in their name. This is where friends mobilize to help a loving family in need after such a terrible event. Please join us in our efforts and get them back on their feet!




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Hery Novemri
@ Hery Novemri

I need this donation, not only for me but for their survival ... and you can also channel donations through paypal