Heartworm Treatment

  Cherry Hill, NJ, United States

"Momma" - rescued hours before she was scheduled to be euthanized!


Momma, who is heartworm positive, had her litter down in Georgia and was dumped at a kill shelter.  Hours before she was scheduled to be put down she was pulled and sent to our adoption center in Cherry Hill, NJ.  We are looking to find her forever home and in lieu of adoption fees we will want to cover her medical treatment.

We need your support

The treatment itself costs $450-$600 and we want to help her potential adopter cover the costs.



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Alan Braslow
@ Alan Braslow

My passion is to save the lives of dogs and puppies that might otherwise be euthanized due to lack of space or caring. I do this by working with 3 rescues and by driving the passage and implementation of laws that prohibit the sale of puppy mill bred dogs which eliminates cruelty to the breeding dogs and opens up more opportunities for rescue dogs to be adopted.