family car

  Bandung, Indonesia

Happy family need to upgrade family transportation, at present use motorcycle for daily use. but the family was grow and it was not fun again use motorcycle for family hangout. we need used car for reasonable hope, because new family car is expensive more than $16000. i have looking around, and this suzuki carry year:1985 will be reasonable and of course safe for riding. the value is $1500, no need big repairment and ready to go. at present this is our dream car. hope in the future, i can afford to buy new family car. just try and continue to find the way.


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samsam nugraha
@ samsam nugraha

I am nurse in goverment hospital, salary $308/month, my wife is a house wife, we have four children, the oldest is 12yo and the younger is baby boy 4months old. Hope the best for my family.