Family Car (Suzuki Carry 1985)


 Daily use the motorcycle for transportation, work place is 30 km from home. We use the motorcycle for family hangout, Sometime we use taxi too depend on destination. But, the cost totally not reasonable for me. if we need go to the town we should pay $15 and $30 after go back to home (if just one destination, different if we should go to some destination at the same time), and you can imagine for dinner cost for our family at the town. So, we have deal for purchase a used car. At this time, we cannot afford new family car (range $17000 - $20000) cash or installment. Then we search Suzuki Carry 1985, for many testimony this car was effiecient, for daily to workplace the cost is $10 everyweek for gas with several destination and the most important is cheap car (i have compared with another used family car like Toyota Kijang, Isuzu phanter, Opel Blazzer, Chevrolete Trooper,etc with up than $2500). I have do little observation that suzuki carry 1985 value in range $1500 - $1700 in good condition and ready to go, no rebuild or renovation. At this time I can save $10 - $30 every month (my salary $310/month)  Why choosing suzuki carry 1985? for first step it will be working and nice for me, in our country this car still popular most family like us. When we need to selling, the value still reasonable. Hope in the future, i can afford younger used car or maybe purchase a new car. At the present, i will be happy if we can purchase this suzuki carry 1985. My wife is a housewife, I will not let her working like me, we were enjoy for this task with my wife at home with children, and then me as a husband working and get quaity time everyday after home. For me, my familly is everything,  I will do anything for their happiness.



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samsam nugraha
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Samsam is 39 years old, life happy with wife and 4 children, the oldest is 12yo and the youngest is the baby born.