Celebral Palsy stem cell


Shakila need stem cell treatment to help her brain damage problem.

She is a lovely little girl thrown away by her mother cause the family dont want to have anothe baby girl.

Her mom left her close to the river and cover her body by dry leaves. Caused all of her body eaten by big red ant. Because of that her left eye cannot open widely normal.

Shes grown up as little pretty girl. But because of her brain damage. She couldnt grown up as a normal kids. She cannot sit properly. She cannot see properly. She only can lay down. And not even can do a rolling.20170605_192626.jpg


We keep try to do our best to help to develop her ability

Doing theraphy everyday and giving her some kind of special vitamin for her brain.

Knowing from online media. That there is special treatment for celebral palsy called stem cell theraphy.

And we can doing it here in indonesia.

To do the treatment we need to pay around 10.000 for once. And we have to do it 3 times.


Please Help

We set up this CoverrMe account in the hope that friends may be able to help us beat this challenge. Any amount helps and will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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