Baby BK's Newborn Photo Shoot!


Photoshoot for our baby BK 

To BK's Loving Fan Club!

We are so excited about the upcoming arrival of our little one! We know that although nights may seem long, time will seem fleeting and before we know it, BK will be sitting, crawling, babbling, standing, talking...! To help us preserve those precious first moments (in the haze of sleep deprivation) we are taking BK for a photo shoot!

If you click on the above image, it will unveil a bit of inspiration -- a little sneak peak of what's in store -- the more YOU "click", the more our photographer will be able to "click", so make sure your mouse and curiosity are under control! 

Thank you so much for thinking of our family as it grows. We look forward to seeing you soon and promise to share pictures with you! 




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York Kreft
@ BK's Over The Moon Parents!

Proud parents-to-be YK