Simple Introduction :)

We met on 2013. In that time, we are still university student. We share both fun and sad time together. In a simple explanation, We are happy :)

We are getting to update our pictures so that you will know a lot about us. Now we are a master-degree student.

What will we do, Why we need your donations

We would like to marry in August 18th, 2018. We are planning to make a simple party with the memorable-part to invite orphan kids! We also want to give some gift, educational shows, and others. In order to make that "dream" becoming true, we need some donations. 14250 USD was an aproximation :) Please Support Us :)






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Satrio Cesiojakty
@ Satrio Cesiojakty

I'm an master-student, a freelance in renewable energy consultant. I did some project to support electricity need in Indonesia's rural areas. Most of them is being unregistered volunteer.