100 pieces 52 weeks

  Sheridan, WY, United States

The goal: Create good art to share with the world! 

Every year I would like to be more productive and create something a bit more spectular than the year before. So this year I have decided to push myself to create 100 pieces of show worthy art by the end of the year. that is about two new pieces each and every week!

REASONS TO GIVE ME A HAND: I have been hosting shows of my work at the local library I really enjoy the process of creating all the art, making the picture frames and finally hanging all of my pieces for the world to enjoy. I do all of this with hopes of inspiring other people to do good, be positive, and enjoy the small things in life. All of this costs money, I do make eough money to pay my bills but there is little to no cash leftover to purchess art supplies and materials. This is why I am reaching out to you, to see if I can earn your support and intrest in my project by creating fresh new art as I chug through the year growing and develping as an artist. Once all the art is compleated I will host a fantastic art show for the public to enjoy! Every dollar will be GREATLY appreciated! It will really help me create something great for many to enjoy. I will frequently give updates of where I am at on the project and show you what your donation has helped me purchase.      

                                                                                             Thanks- Doodler Dan 

These are some past events I put on enjoy! 









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Dan Granger
@ Dan Granger

My name is Dan Granger but I like to call myself The Weekend Doodler! During the day I work as a screen printer to pay my bills but In my free time I am a creative and determined artist/craftsman with lots of motivation. I set goals so I always have something to work for and keep myself focused. Every dollar donated will be GREATLY appreciated! It will help me purchase new supplies and picture frame materials.