How it Works

CoverrMe is a new crowdfunding platform that introduces "Visual Crowdfunding", which allows Funders to leave their footprint on fundraising campaigns.


Start your campaign

Select your campaign type and follow four simple steps in the Campaign Gateway.

There, you're free to go as crazy (or simple!) as you want: Provide a project description, videos, pictures, and select an image for your fundraising canvas that will be unveiled as people cover your project.

Then, Launch your campaign when you are ready.


Raise Funds

Get your project covered by your Community and the rest of the World.

People can cover your project by clicking on the fundraising canvas to place their circles.

  • Share your project on social media and track your progress to funding completion.
  • You will receive weekly automatic transfers to your bank account.

There are no deadlines and fundraising limits so YOU get to decide when you want to stop fundraising (even if you go over 100%).


Stay in Touch

After you've completed your fundraising, keep your Funders updated on your project.

You can post updates to your CoverrMe page with pictures, videos, etc..

How 'bout those Fees?!?

Crowdfunding fees are annoying. We know.

Big crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and Indiegogo take 5% of the money you raise, on top of credit card fees (typically another 3.0%).

Why give away such a large percentage of the money that YOU raised?

CoverrMe is a cute and tiny crowdfunding platform, so we have very low operating costs.

We intend to keep 0% fees for as long as we can, so we can maximize the money that actually goes towards your cause!

Start your campaign today and enjoy 0% platform fees!

Fees per $100 donation GoFundMe CoverrMe
Platform Fees $ 5.00 (5%) None!
Credit Card Fees $ 3.20 $ 3.20
Total Fees $ 8.20 $ 3.20