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So, last time we talked about free crowdfunding, about its pros and cons, about why most crowdfunding platforms are not free and have fees instead, and why is free and how we want to help you and others that are looking for a free alternative to GoFundMe and IndieGogo.

However, although ‘free crowdfunding’ obviously narrows down your choice of platforms you’re looking for, it still leaves you with several options: CoverrMe is not the only one!

That’s why we thought it’s a good idea to discuss the other free crowdfunding platforms out there that we managed to find – in a completely friendly and casual manner, just so you have them all listed in one place. No speculations and “bashing of the competition”, we promise. Firstly, because we don’t view anyone as a “competition” – for us this is crowdfunding, not “a business”, and secondly – cause we’re just cool like that.

So we’ll just mention all the options that we found, purely for your convenience. Let’s delve right into it:

List of Free Crowdfunding Platforms

  • CoverrMe. The new kid on the block, is designed for personal projects, varying from weddings, honeymoons and family matters to art, travel and entrepreneurship. It’s 100% free, minus the obligatory fees of the credit card companies, and aims to remain so for as long as possible. also offers a really cool “footprint” feature, engaging the funders in a fun and interesting game of revealing the campaign owner’s cover photo and essentially, “leaving your mark” on it whilst funding. It’s “Visual crowdfunding” in its finest and helps retaining the viewers’ and funders’ interest. The platform also aims to help the campaign owner in every possible way through a guide, a blog and free, personal email consultations.
  • YouCaring. One of the “big boys on the block”, YouCaring has raised over $300 million so far and keeps going strong. It’s been around for a while, created back in 2011, it’s easy to use and offers daily access to the funds you’ve gathered. YouCaring offers a wide array of categories for its crowdfunding campaigns, making navigating through them easy and smooth. YouCaring strictly limits its fundraisers to philanthropic causes, supporting families and individuals facing challenging life situations.
  • CrowdRise. CrowdRise is not technically a “free crowdfunding platform”, but it comes close. For personal causes, fees average under 1% including credit card fees (because donors can choose to have 100% of their donation go to your cause. However, if they don’t CrowdRise takes 5%). For charity fundraising, CrowdRise takes a fee of 3-5% and there is a 2.9% + $0.30 credit card fee for each donation. So it’s much closer to traditional crowdfunding than it is to being free, but funders still have the option to direct 99% of their funds directly to you, which is nice and not so taxing on your friends and family that want to support you.
  • StartSomeGood. A Sydney-based platform, StartSomeGood offers Crowdfunding 101, a free nine-part email course for non-profits and social entrepreneurs. The website is quite easy to use and StartSomeGood only charges fees if your campaign reaches its tipping point. So again – it’s not technically “free”, but it still qualifies for our list because reaching the goal is something we want to do and if we succeed – the 5% fee (standard for the vast majority of the crowdfunding platforms out there) won’t be so heartbreaking. If you don’t reach your campaign goal however, the fee is 0%. The platform is mainly used for social and environmental initiatives. StartSomeGood has raised ~$5 million so far.
  • Generosity. After 7 years as one of the giants of the crowdfunding scene, IndieGoGo finally decided to step it up when it comes to cause-based crowdfunding and created Generosity – a platform with 0% fees for causes. IndieGoGo’s previous effort at a free cause-based platform – IndieGoGo Life, created in 2014 – didn’t work out as they wished, but they are determined to try again in an effort to create an answer for GoFundMe’s (5% fees) dominance in the area. Additionally, Generosity aims to silence IndieGoGo’s critics about also taking 5% of causes funded through them until now. Generosity is relatively easy and simple to use and unlike IndieGoGo Life it can actually stick around this time.

So there you have it! Not all of those are actually free, but as we said – free crowdfunding platforms aren’t exactly found under every tree. Still, if you have a personal or a public cause and you don’t want to waste too much of your funders’ money on fees, those are the platforms you want to be looking at!

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