Lost someone special and want a nice funeral? Why not crowdfund it?


Now this is a subject that can’t be approached lightly. We already talked about crowdfunding for medical emergencies, as well as for pets’ vet bills. As tragic as those can often be however, nothing’s sadder than losing a close and dear friend or relative. Because in those cases we’re not even talking about trying to avoid a tragedy – the tragedy has already happened.

What does this have to do with crowdfunding however? Crowdfunding is for helping people evade bad situations or help them achieve something great. Crowdfunding for funerals doesn’t seem to fit into those pictures.

Well – often times it fits. While death is unavoidable, too often do we not only lose people, but lose them too soon and in too specific and horrific situations. And too often do many people go from this world without receiving the honor and admiration they’ve deserved.

Why is that so? The reasons for that are countless, but more often than not, it’s because giving someone special the funeral they’ve earned in life can be just too expensive. And this is where crowdfunding comes to help.

With a well-made and well-promoted crowdfunding campaign you can do a lot of things:

  • You can reach out to all the people that knew the deceased and not only inform them about the tragedy and invite them to the funeral, but also ask them to help make the funeral into something special. Because who else if not the deceased’s close friends, colleagues and relatives, knows just how deserving he or she is for that.
  • If the case was indeed extraordinaire, a well-made crowdfunding campaign can easily “go viral” and spread the word. This can be especially valuable not only when we’re talking about a special person, but about socially-important circumstances. Did the deceased go away in a traffic accident, caused by a drunk driver? Did he or she lose his/her life trying to save someone? Trying to prevent a robbery?

With a well-crafted crowdfunding campaign you can not only prepare a special and fitting funeral and publicize the person’s deeds, but you can also help spread the word about an important social issue.

Now, as with crowdfunding about weddings and honeymoons, crowdfunding about a funeral can sometimes be viewed as a bit inappropriate. That’s because often times what we view to be special and worthy, is simply personal and important just for us. So it is crucial to think carefully whether you really want and need to make a crowdfunding campaign or not.

And yes – crowdfunding can easily be about something personal – as long as people are willing to help you out, it’s perfectly fine. But this is precisely the question – create a crowdfunding campaign only if you think people will be willing to help you out. Only if you yourself would help out to a similar campaign if someone else makes it.

Additionally, keep in mind that there are some downsides to crowdfunding such personal matters.

Most notable is the fact that no matter how well you make the campaign and how many strangers you reach and touch, the majority of your supporters will still be the relatives and friends of the deceased. And that’s perfectly fine. However, the vast majority of crowdfunding platforms out there have fees. Fees that are often hard to ignore. The average crowdfunding platform takes ~5-6% of your money in fees. And additional 2-3% goes to credit card companies. That’s 7-9% of your friends’ and family’s money gone down the drain. So if you’re going to try and crowdfund a funeral we strongly advise you to use a crowdfunding platform that’s free of fees like CoverrMe.com and make sure that the money of your closest people are not going in someone else’s pocket. Here’s also a list of other free crowdfunding platforms.

CoverrMe.com also allows you to make your campaign without a time limit which can be great in the case of a funeral because it allows you and all the other grieved people to focus on the situation itself and not worry about keeping a time frame or something like that.

Our website also offers a unique “visual footprint” feature, that’s perfect for showcasing the deceased’s life and achievements – it’s an online obituary done in the best possible way.

And that’s more or less what we think on the matter. Crowdfunding for the funeral of a close friend or relative can be something very special and personal, and something that can add at least a tiny silver lining to an otherwise devastating situation. And we here, at CoverrMe.com would love to help you make it happen!

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