Pet trouble? Here’s a free, simple way to crowdfund the vet bills.

Dog-Cat-PlayingHello again fellow crowdfunders!

After venturing into the mysterious realm of crowdfunding for travelling expenses, we thought it would be cool to quickly discuss another topic on which you can make crowdfunding campaigns on, free of fees – pet troubles and vet bills.

Pets are amazing, there’s no denying that. Regardless of whether you have a pet or not, whether you are a “dog person” or a “cat person”, all types of pets can be great companions and friends for us.

They are integral members of our households and families. And as such, when they get injured or sick, their medical bills can often be just as expensive as ours, so… yes – they are rarely free.

To the contrary, some procedures on pets can often be even more expensive than the same operation on us – a simply stitching on pets can often cost hundreds of dollars, together with all the medicaments and overnight stay at the vet. And we’re not saying that the vets are to blame for that – their job is far from easy.

However that doesn’t change the fact that when our friend is in need we have to get the best help available and that often costs a lot. So how do we deal with those expenses? Well, if you can afford them, that’s great. If you can’t… you have to find them somehow. And that’s where crowdfunding can come to the rescue!

Crowdfunding campaigns for pets’ medical procedures have been around for a long time and that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

A crowdfunding campaign can be done about anything (heck, recently we even found a crowdfunding platform, specifically for campaigns for breast implants!), but crowdfunding campaigns for personal emergencies and personal/common causes are probably the most numerous ones. Understandably so – gathering funds for something important and precious to us – that’s what crowdfunding is all about. And what’s more important and precious than the life of a friend?

How do you make a crowdfunding campaign for that however? Well, we’ve already put a quick guide about crowdfunding on and soon we’ll also be offering a detailed and personalized email guidance, but if we have to mention one of the most important things about the preparation of a crowdfunding campaign, it’s choosing the right platform for your project.

And while with many other categories for crowdfunding, the choice is between the 3-4 most obvious choices, with pets it can easily get complicated because there are dozens of viable choices. For that reason we won’t even try to list them all this time – you can make a crowdfunding campaign about your pet’s medical expenses on most of the big, general platforms or on one of the many smaller platforms, specialized for pets.

Or you can make it on

Because while is a new platform and it’s not specialized only for animal campaigns (but instead – for all kinds of personal ones), it has several very specific and important pluses that can be invaluable for your campaign – it has no time limitations, it offers the fun and engaging “visual footprint” feature which can be utilized in ingenious ways in a campaign for a pet, and – it’s also free!

That’s right, unlike 99% of the crowdfunding platforms out there, has 0% fees and leaves the hard-gathered funds for your pet’s emergency. And considering how a sizeable amount of those funds is likely to come from people close to you, keeping those money instead of giving 5-7% of them away in fees for a crowdfunding platform is a real plus.

Because there’s only one place where all those funds are supposed to go – your pet’s medical expenses.

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