About Us

Caitlin & Rob

Five years after we met at a Halloween party in Brooklyn, we decided that it was time to tie the knot.

We were looking for a personal way to raise money for our honeymoon and came up with the idea of letting family and friends uncover a collage of memories from the time we spent together. After our successful campaign and lovely honeymoon, we decided to open up the platform for everyone to use...

CoverrMe was born!

How CoverrMe Started

  • Engagement

    Exactly five years after our first date in Central Park, we went back to our spot for an anniversary picnic. After some wine and cheeses, I went down on one knee and proposed... She said YES!

  • Building the Platform

    With his idea of Visual Crowdfunding and limited coding skills, Rob spent many late nights and weekends working on their personal crowdfunding page for their honeymoon.

  • Our First CoverrMe Fundraiser

    After a couple months of web development, we launched our own honeymoon fundraiser, right in time for our wedding preparations.

    Check out Cait and Rob's campaign here
  • Got Married!

    In front of our closest family and friends, we exchanged vows and tied the knot. It was followed by an epic dance party!

  • Honeymoon

    With the kind $$$-support from our family and friends submitted via our online fundraiser, Caitlin and I went on our honeymoon to Hawaii. During our honeymoon, we posted updates on our fundraising page and sent out postcards and thank you videos to the people that contributed to our campaign...

  • CoverrMe, Inc.

    We realized that other people could benefit from our crowdfunding website as well. So we became official and incorporated CoverrMe!

  • CoverrMe opened to the public

    After some more development work on the 'Project Gateway', we are happy to announce that CoverrMe is opened to the public! Everyone can now start a Visual Crowdfunding fundraiser at 0% platform fees!

    Start your own campaign here